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Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Test data management is a critical and time-consuming activity in the testing lifecycle. Test cycles are slowed by a heavy reliance on production data and centralized test data teams. Garth Rose, the CEO of Genrocket, joins us in this episode to discuss how synthetic test data can help us accelerate test cycles. Garth also discusses self-service portals, reusable test data packs, DevOps integration, and the use of synthetic data to test AI-powered applications.
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Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

Organizations must meet the demands for speed, quality, and flexibility to manage the expectations of both the business team and end customers. Organizations have made significant improvements in the past decade to implement Agile methodologies like Lean-Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Extreme Programming, etc, and modern software development tools. However, they are challenged by a lack of collaboration, low automation levels, and low focus on continuous improvement. The pandemic and remote made of working have also impacted some of the Agile practices and ceremonies. We talk with Lisa Crispin, an industry-renowned Agile Testing Coach, and Practitioner, in the episode. Lisa talks about improving software testing effectiveness, driving continuous improvement, and increasing test automation levels. Lisa also provides the need for having a common automation toolset and reviewing feedback from production.

Monday Mar 28, 2022

User Experience Testing plays a vital role in delivering compelling value to the end consumer and the business. However, the product engineering team is often challenged with implementing shift-left practices for UX testing, Artificial Intelligence capabilities, and blending UX practices within Agile Sprints. In the episode, we talk with Aldrich Huang, CEO, and Founder of Aldrich talks about how AI can help us augment UX Testing and gain a deeper understanding of the customers. In addition, Aldrich discusses the five-step testing process for Shift-Left UX Testing and the ten-point checklist for blending UX practices within Agile Sprints.

Monday Mar 14, 2022

Nowadays, businesses are competing harder than ever before to release the best products possible. But after they're in the wild, quality engineering teams rarely study what their customers are doing and how they're reacting. This leads to high defect leakage and low application availability, resulting in a poor user experience. But organizations also realize that there is a need for additional focus and commitment to improving customer satisfaction. The episode will provide valuable insights on how production ticket analysis, application performance monitoring, usage pattern analysis, and sentiment analysis can help improve the overall end-user experience and application availability.

Tuesday Mar 01, 2022

Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Test Analytics can augment test engineers with intelligence. In this episode of Automation Hangout, we discuss how AI can be applied across the test life cycle to reduce cycle time, eliminate maintenance overhead and enhance the end consumer experience. We have covered some interesting use cases around Unit Test Generation, Test Impact Analysis, Self Healing, Feedback Analysis, and Autonomous Testing. The use cases will help you understand how AI can improve your application testing activities.

Automation Hangout

Monday Feb 28, 2022

Monday Feb 28, 2022

Automation Hangout is a podcast hosted by George Ukkuru, one of India's most popular speakers and reputed automation professionals. George will be discussing the latest trends, challenges, and practices around automation of testing, DevOps, and robotic process automation with leaders from Product, IT Services, and Global 1000 organizations. The podcast will help  IT professionals improve the automation levels, select the right tools and maximize returns from investments.


➡️ Over the course of the previous two decades, I've spent more than 45,0000 hours working with Global 1000 firms to enhance product quality, decrease release times, and cut down costs. Through the results, I've been able to touch more than 50 million lives by providing them with enhanced customer experience.

➡️ Functional Testing of Products was my first job, and I later worked in Test Automation, RPA, and DevOps. I've developed a solid reputation as the go-to person for everything automation-related thanks to this experience.

➡️ NoSkript is an intelligent quality assurance platform that I conceptualized, designed, and implemented. It accelerates test automation implementation by 1.5X while lowering quality costs by 15%. I, therefore, have a great deal of experience in improving quality by utilizing the appropriate tools, procedures, and platforms.

➡️ I have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. With the aid of digital frameworks, value stream maps, and other tools, I have carried out more than 4 dozen maturity assessments. I've also created roadmaps and strategies for transformation, DevOps, and Agile.

➡️ I moderate the Automation Hangout podcast, where we talk about the most recent developments in Test Automation, DevOps, and Robotic Process Automation. Getting Ready to Return, Test Automation Best Practices, and Simplified Test Estimation are three other books I've written.

➡️ I enjoy imparting my knowledge and experience to those in my professional network, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're looking for free mentoring or consulting assistance. You can reach out to me via my blog page

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